Monday, March 4, 2013

February Personal Favorites

Here are a few non-beauty products I have loved in the month of February.

Fiber One bars

These are a MUST in college!!! I always make sure I have one in my school bag at all times. The reason why Fiber One bars are so great is in its name: fiber. Not only does fiber have so many health benefits, it controls your appetite; therefore, you won’t find your tummy grumbling during class or while studying in a quiet library. Some foods high in fiber are apples, bananas, greens, and whole grain bread. I prefer Fiber One bars because some of them are covered in chocolate!!!

Very Berry Hibiscus

My life has been changed by the Very Berry Hibiscus drink at Starbucks. I can’t believe it took me months to try it! It has just the right amount of sweetness and tartness to it, and it has BLACKBERRIES!! I wished they would use fresh blackberries though….

I went through an entire Trenta size (30 fl oz) because I loved it so much! Now that it is getting warmer, this drink is great to cool you off and give you enough energy to power through a 3 hours study session.

The Nanny

The Nanny is by far my favorite television show of all time. It is an extremely witty 1990s comedy that I’ve actually been watching for the past couple of years on and off. In February, I started watching it again from the very beginning. I’ve seen all of the episodes probably 3 times each! They just don’t make shows with that type of humor anymore. I promise that it will make you laugh like never before!

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

My song of the month has to be Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. You can feel all of the love he has for his wife while listening to that song. The artistry of the track and the beats are simply incredible, too. Enough said. You have to listen to it if you haven’t. 

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