Saturday, August 24, 2013

Disney World Adventures

While vacationing on the East Coast this summer, my family and I ventured to Florida to spend a few days at the Disney World Resort. We went to Downtown Disney, the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. It was a very special trip because the last time my parents were at Disney World was for their honeymoon. How cute! The entire time, they told me what Disney World was like when they went, and it was interesting learning about what the attractions were like a couple of decades ago. This was the first time that they knew more about a Disney park than I did! See, I'm a Disney geek, so I like to do research on the secrets and tips about Disney parks. Ask me anything about Disneyland and I can talk for hours!!

I could not go to the Disney World parks without bringing my DSLR with me! Even though it was bothersome at a few points carrying it around, I got to take some great pictures that I plan on decorating the walls of my new apartment with! Here are just a few that I took:

A dragon made out of Legos? How sick is that?!

Grrrr!!! Is that what the sound of an alligator makes? I obviously wouldn't know!

The Beast's lair.... I can almost hear the singing plates! 


Can you see how the crown in the back sits on top of Cinderella's head at the angle? Only short people like me can see it though. My dad couldn't see it because he is too tall! 

Just making a long-distance call to some friends in England. 

The closest that I will get to Paris for now...

I really loved Disney World, but I much prefer Disneyland because there is so much more unique history behind it. Also, Disneyland is a short drive away for me!I hope you enjoyed these pictures that I took! 

Lisa xx

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