Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Best Thing I've Ever Made

There’s one weird thing about me when it comes to baking.

I usually don’t eat the things that I bake.

I usually eat the things that I cook, but rarely the things that I bake. It’s not that I think my baking is terrible. I was known in high school for making amazing baked goods! I’m proud of what I bake!! It’s just that I, in general, try to not eat a lot of sweets.

There came one Christmas day, however, when I tried out a recipe for banana cream pie. It wasn’t just a recipe for banana cream pie, though. It was Emeril Lagasse’s recipe for banana cream pie.

It took me pretty much the entire day to make that banana cream pie. I had to use a pot, hand mixer, numerous bowls, multiple mixing spoons, etc. When I assembled it, it was absolutely MASSIVE. I mean 6 inches tall massive.

Like I said previously, I don’t eat the things I bake most of the time. When I took a bite of this pie…..

My life changed!!

I ate half of the pie by myself…. Not proud of that, but I don’t care because it’s freaking delicious!!!!

It’s not too sweet and perfectly creamy. The best dessert I’ve ever made and ate. As much as I would like to credit myself for baking it, I can’t because it’s all about the recipe.  If you follow the recipe correctly, you will get the perfect pie every single time!

Here’s the link to the recipe. Take my word and make this pie for your next occasion! You’re guests will think you are an absolute genius!!

Enjoy your pie!!!

Lisa xx

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