Sunday, August 18, 2013

College Life: Day on Campus Essentials

Oh, those long days on campus going to class or studying at the library. 

You learn a lot spending time on campus, though, like what you absolutely need to have with you at all times. We all know that your should have your laptop and school work with you, but what about the little things that we don't really realize until later on that we actually need always? Because some of you will be heading to college this fall, I thought it would be fitting to list all of the essentials you will need to carry around with you while you are on campus!

1. Backpack

You will of course need something to carry all of your stuff in! It's not like you are going to be lugging a potato sack full of your things around a large college campus. Also, forget the fancy handbags!! I know, they are stylish, but carrying around a heavy bag on one shoulder all day will bother you like crazy after the first quarter! I used to use a messenger bag from Forever 21, and I then ditched it for a comfortable North Face backpack. I highly recommend North Face Borealis backpacks!! So many pockets to organize my things! Don't even get me started on the laptop sleeve! The Borealis backpack is padded on the back and shoulder straps, and it provides excellent support for your back. Get it, and you will love it as much as I do!

2. Comfortable Shoes

I used to only wear boots, flats or sandals, refusing to wear tennis shoes except for my running shoes. How girly of me, huh? At the start of my first year of university, I brought with me from home a pair each of boots, sandals, and flats. I destroyed them all within 4 months from walking around campus a lot. They were terrible for walking around campus because I had to walk through grass and on uneven surfaces at some points. Also, because my university's campus is very large, my shoes did not provide great comfort and support walking to and from class every day. I finally bought a pair of navy Keds and put some insoles in them for extra comfort. I can hear my feet thanking me now. Figuratively speaking of course. My feet don't actually talk to me. What I am trying to say is set aside looking absolutely glamorous every day and wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Think to yourself, "Would I want to wear these shoes to walk 3 miles in?" 

3. Reusable Water Bottle

You have to keep yourself hydrated at all times! Also, in the process of making yourself healthier, why not also make the planet healthier by not drinking from plastic bottles? Get yourself a reusable water bottle and keep it in the little pouch on the side of your backpack. A lot of college campuses nowadays have water filing stations that you can fill your water bottles at, which is very convenient. I like water bottles with designs on them because it's like a fashion statement that you can drink out of, oddly enough. 

4. Hair Ties

I have long hair, and I sometimes get really bothered by it if it is either really hot or windy outside. I also prefer to put my hair up when I take exams just so I can focus on acing them and not getting my hair out of my face. That is why I always have with me hair ties to put my hair in a bun or ponytail whenever I want to. Elastic printed hair ties are currently my favorite accessories because they can be worn on your arm as a cute bracelet and don't leave dents in your hair! 

5. Lip Balm

If I forget my lip balm at home and get dry lips midday, I am screwed. That is why I always have so many lip balms in my handbag and backpack. If I lose one, I AM PREPARED! You will be spending quite a lot of time on campus, so don't forget to have lip balm with you. I recommend getting a lip balm that is hydrating and has an SPF to prevent your lips from getting sunburned. 

6. Granola Bar

Have you ever experienced that embarrassing moment when you are in class and your stomach growls like an angry bear starting a motorcycle? Yea, we've all been there. To prevent it, bring a granola bar or some sort of snack with you when you go onto campus. In college, there will be times when you have 4 one hour classes back to back, so there will not be enough time for you to fit in a proper meal. That's why you should bring a granola bar with you to eat quickly in between classes to satisfy your grumbling stomach for a couple of hours before you can get lunch.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Best of luck to those of you entering into college!

Lisa xx

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