Sunday, March 10, 2013

Prom: The Best Night of Our Teen Lives?

With prom coming up for a lot of people, I decided to write a blog about my prom experience and what to expect at prom.

A lot of people have incredibly high expectations for their prom. Besides your wedding, it’s the date that you look forward to since you are a little kid! I remember being a young girl and watching the prom episode of “Sister, Sister”. It looked so glamorous with big puffy 1990s dresses and limos!! I couldn’t wait to experience prom!!

Girls have higher expectations for prom than boys. We’ve been picturing it as the night of our teenage lives in our heads for YEARS! We imagine wearing the most beautiful dress that makes all of the other girls jealous, our hair and makeup done to make us look like a celebrity, the guy of our dreams as our date, dancing the night away with all of our friends. I can’t deny my high expectations for my prom! I was hoping to have Justin Bieber as my date!!! 

There is nothing wrong with high expectations. It shows that you have hope, and hope is a wonderful thing to have. But if your expectations become so high that it goes beyond reality, you may be setting yourself up for possible disappointment.

Let me tell you a story about my prom.

I am a naturally optimistic person who believes in having hopes and dreams that can become real with some hard work. Because of these traits, like many girls, I envisioned the absolute perfect prom. The day of the prom, I didn’t really like my dress. I bought it online, and it just didn’t look very flattering on me.

Nope. I didn’t like my dress very much. I wanted “BAMMM!!” but for me, it was more like “bam”, if that makes any sense at all x) So expectations on looking great were out the window….

One of my guy friends was my prom date. Let’s just say, he was no Prince Charming… or Justin Bieber for that matter. I was ditched during the last slow dance. (This is the part where you all collectively say “Awwwwww!!!”) I would go into further juicy detail, but I might get in trouble. Hehehehe. Maybe another time ;D Well, there went my dream for the perfect prom date….

Prom for me wasn’t all that bad, though. Below the banquet area was an arcade that we had all to ourselves. They had laser tag, and because of the ultraviolet lights and me wearing a white dress, I was like a running target because I was literally GLOWING. My closest friend and I also played one of those Terminator shooting games, and I have to add that we looked like bad mama jamas in our elegant dresses shooting zombies with huge machine guns!

Overall, it was a bittersweet night. If it wasn’t for my girl friends, it would have been worse than what it was. BUT life goes on, and we can’t fixate on the bad parts in life for long or else they can hinder us.

The Lesson:
You can go into prom with hopes of what it will turn out to be like, but just be cautious of those expectations. Think “Here is what I want my prom to be like, but I know that it may not end up being that way and if so, it will be alright in the end.”

Prom is a night to celebrate with your friends before you all depart your separate ways. Have fun and stay safe!

Lisa xx

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