Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

People always tell me at least one of the following things:

“Lisa, how are you always so calm?”

“Gosh, you are such an optimist!”

“I always see you just chilling around the dorm hall. You must not have a lot of work to do.”


Ok, that last one was a bit dramatic, but usually it’s along the lines of those examples.

I feel as if I’m a naturally calm and optimistic person; however, there are things that I do that I feel really help me maintain that positive calmness in a very hectic and stressful environment like college.

I thought it would be a good idea to list the things that I do to stay happy and relaxed during stressful times for those of you who feel like you let those hectic times get the best of you.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no ways an expert. What works for me may not work for you.

1. Listen to music that makes you feel good.

Music has played a very large role in my life. I find it very therapeutic for times when I feel angry, sad, or stressed. I personally like pop music. Not just any pop music, but Justin Bieber and, lately, One Direction!!! Yes, I’m a belieber and directioner…. BUT I SWEAR, I’M NOT CRAZY! ;) That’s the type of music that puts me in an upbeat mood. For you, it may be the exact same thing or the exact opposite. Create a playlist that consists of songs that make you happy and/or relaxed, and listen to it when you are not feeling so great.

2. Thinking positive/motivating thoughts

I think I’ve, without knowing it, trained myself to thing positive thoughts and become to optimist that I am today. I don’t know how, but it has just happened. I did not realize it until my first quarter of college when I was under an immense amount of stress trying to adapt to this new environment and chapter in my life. I would always keep in mind that things will work out for the best in the end and that I am doing the things that I am and working my butt off in college to have a career in a field that I love. A few motivating and positive thoughts a day can do wonders to your mood. Stick post-it notes around your desk or room to remind yourself of these things!

3. Exercising doesn’t only make you physically healthy

Ever since my sophomore year of high school, I’ve been going to the gym. It wasn’t to be “skinny”; I love my body and all of my curves. The reason why I did it was because exercising makes me mentally healthy. It has become a very important stress-reliever for me over these past few years. While I am working out, it feels like I’m reducing my stress with every mile ran, weight lifted, etc. I always leave the gym feeling happy and relaxed! If going to the gym is not your thing, go out for a nice stroll around your neighborhood, hike with some friends, or maybe go for a quick swim.

4. Alone time can sometimes be the best time

If you know me, you know that I sometimes like to just chill in my room and be by myself for at least a couple of hours a day. As much as I love going out with friends, setting aside some time for only me is extremely important in my daily schedule. To put it as a simile (no matter how cheesy it may sound), I am like an iPhone that needs to be charged by itself before going out and performing its tasks. When living in a dorm where your friends are literally a few feet away 24/7, there will be times when you crave a few moments of alone time to do whatever it is you want. For me, it’s going on YouTube to watch a few videos by my favorite YouTubers. Lately, it’s been all about Jack and Finn Harries (aka JacksGap). Darn me and my fancy of hot British guys!! ;)

Speaking of YouTube, I am in the process of creating a YouTube channel! Because I have just entered college, I thought it would be a great idea to create this YouTube channel not only to document my experience at a large university, but to also show those of you who are not in college yet what it would be like. I will also do a few other random videos here and there, but documenting my time at “uni”, as they call it in the United Kingdom, is my main objective.

I hope this blog will become helpful to as many of you as possible!

Lisa xx

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