Friday, May 3, 2013

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (The College Edition)

Hi, my name is Lisa, and I am a coffee-holic.

I need it to function properly and think clearly.

If I don’t drink coffee during one of my many study sessions at the library, I could easily say that 2 + 2 = fish.

Ok, it’s not that extreme.

I’m pretty sure it’s known that many college students live on coffee. Coffee is such a staple that working at the Starbucks on campus is CRAZY since there is always a long line full of students who need a boost to start their day or to help them through an “all-nighter”.

After evaluating my life (and my wallet), I’ve come to the realization that instead of always going to Starbucks, I should buy a couple of products and make the perfect cup of joe by myself the way I want it! Because the weather is starting to warm up and because I’ve been eating a lot of food from my culture lately, why not make Vietnamese iced coffee, the college edition?

I start off by popping a tall cup of water into the microwave and heating it until it’s nice and hot (about two minutes). I use this method because I’m too lazy to use a proper water kettle.

Afterwards, stir in a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee. Coffee advocates are probably screaming at me right now for using instant coffee instead of brewing coffee grounds in a traditional Vietnamese metal coffee filter set. I did say this was the college edition; therefore, cheaper and quicker methods!!

I then place that sucker in my mini-fridge conveniently placed in my dorm room overnight for it to cool down and chill.

The next morning, when I’m in a coffee mood, I will take coffee out and pour the amount that I want into a tall mug.

Splash of skim milk. You will see why I opt for skim milk in the next step.

Here comes my favorite part: adding the sweetened condensed milk.

I like adding a couple of tablespoons. Or more if I’m feeling a bit naughty.

Mmmmmmm…… sweetened condensed milk. It’s like liquid happiness. Creamy and sweet liquid happiness. Mama needs a little extra happiness today.

Now do you see why I chose skim milk? J It’s like ordering a large meal with diet soda instead of regular soda. Doesn’t make much a difference, but it somehow makes sense in your mind and that’s all that matters.

Give it a quick stir, add some ice cubes, and ENJOY!

All I need now is a bowl of Multi-Grain Cheerios. That’s what I call a breakfast of champions!

Comment below telling me what your breakfast of champions is and if you are a coffee-addict like me!

Lisa xx

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