Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chocolate Bonanza Cookies

History has been made.

I have created something so amazing that it might as well be adapted into your local high school's history books. 

Using Pioneer Woman's recipe for Chocolate Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies, I made the ultimate chocolate cookies. There is so much chocolate packed into these cookies that I personally call them Monthly Gift Cookies because when Mother Nature brings a woman her monthly gift, these are the cookies she will want to be munching on. Trust me, I know. You can honestly call these cookies anything and it would work: Life of the Party Cookies, Oh My Cookies, Please Your Man Cookies, Kryptonite Cookies, etc. The only that would make these cookies even better is if you could lose weight by just eating them. If only....

Click here to be taken to Pioneer Woman's recipe for her chocolate cookies.

I made a couple of adjustments to her cookies to add a personal touch. 

Firstly, instead of two cups of granulated sugar, I used 1.5 cups. I then added half a cup of brown sugar because I like my cookies to make that sort of hint of molasses taste to them.

Secondly, I dumped in a whole bunch of different types of chocolate. In addition to the traditional semisweet chocolate chips, I added Swiss milk chocolate squares that I picked up from Canada, French white chocolate squares from my trip to Epcot, and, my personal favorite, milk chocolate with bits of cookies and cream. YUUMMMMM!!!!! 

When it comes to what you want in your cookies, I say "Throw in whatever the heck you like." Experiment a little! Personalize them to what you like. I happen to like lots of chocolate! You can put in dried cranberries, Oreos, or even some cayenne for a kick. 

You know how recipes say how long you are suppose to bake something for? I never follow those times. You know how you are suppose to preheat the oven before you actually put the cookies in? I never do that. I play by my own rules. That is how I rebelled as a teenager: not following recipes. Who's bad? I'm bad. 

How do I know when cookies are finished without over baking them? I keep a very close eye on them. My trick is when the very edges of the cookies start to become golden brown and look a tiny bit "wrinkly", I turn off the oven, pull the cookies out, and let them rest on the baking sheets even if the middle of the cookies look unfinished. Because the cookies and baking sheets are still hot once you pull the cookies out, the heat finish the baking process during the resting time. Then, you will have perfect cookies that are completely baked but with soft centers and slightly crunchy edges. 

BAM. There you have the secret to perfect cookies. 

Look at that chocolate just oozing out. Oh. My. Goodness. 

The reason why I love these cookies is that each cookie is different. One may have chunks of milk chocolate and white chocolate while another may have bits of cookies and cream. It adds the element of surprise when eating these cookies. 

If you try out this recipe, please tell me what you think of it! I would love to hear your opinions!

Lisa xx

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