Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Beauty Review: Miracle Skin Transformer

Every time there is a Sephora nearby, it is almost like Sephora is a powerful magnet and I am a puny metal that gets dragged from meters away. I go in, try on a lip product, and then go to the makeup counter to see what samples they have available. 

During my recent trip to this makeup heaven, there was a representative from Sarah McNamara was at the counter, and she introduced to me the brand's Miracle Skin Transformer. She described it as a "unique" BB cream that does five things in one product, like every other BB cream out there. She insisted that I take a couple of samples home to try out on my own time. Little did she know, I love getting free samples so I was beyond happy to take those babies home. 

After testing it out of myself and wearing it out for a day (a very hot day, in fact), I thought I would whack on a short review for you all!

What It Says It Does
The packaging of the Miracle Skin Transformer says that it hydrates, primes, enhances, mattifies, and protects all in one single step. It has an SPF of 20 and is also full of antioxidants which we all know helps to prevent wrinkles from popping up on our faces. According to, this product is formulated to improve your skin tone, luminosity, and texture, while minimizing the look of pores, fine lines, and imperfections.

What It's Really Like
The Miracle Skin Transformer is unlike most other BB creams in terms of texture. It is more like a mousse than anything else. It provides a light to medium coverage. It has good lasting power after I wore it out in the California sun for a few hours without a primer. You definitely DO NOT need to finish this product off with a dust of powder. I initially found it interested that it claims to both hydrate AND mattify your skin. After using it, I would say that it does a great job of mattifying your skin and not so good of a job at hydrating it. If you have dry skin, do not use this BB cream because it will make your skin seem even more dry. It may be more fitting if you have really oily skin. What is the best way of applying this product? You can either use your fingers or a brush, but you have to work it into your skin quickly because it sets fairly quickly.   

My Final Verdict
It is a decent product, but I personally would not purchase it. I prefer my foundations/BB creams with a slightly dewy finish so I can have the option to go over it with a powder if I feel like it. If you have oily skin, try it out and see if you like it. The Miracle Skin Transformer, in my opinion, would be good for people in school who want a product that has a light coverage and does not need any powder. 

I hope you found this review helpful!!

Lisa xx

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