Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oh Canada!

Those who know me know that every year, I go to Canada for a week and a half or so to visit my relatives there. I've been going to Canada since I was only three months old. One of the first things my parents bought me was probably a passport. I've been to Canada, specifically the Greater Toronto Area, so often that I have done it all. Niagara Falls? Been there twice. Toronto Eaton Centre? Conquered that multiple times. CN Tower? That sh*t was scary (fear of heights). Toronto Zoo? I wanted to ride the giraffe there when I was little. Tim Horton's? Oh yeah. Accidentally said  "Eh" in a conversation? Unfortunately. 

Last month, to make my trip more interesting, I brought my DSLR and pretended that I was a professional photographer that was on a mission to capture what I did while in Canada. Come on! Let me show you what I did and where I went!

While in Toronto in 2011, I discovered a pizza joint that has become hands down my favorite pizza place! The restaurant is called Pizzeria Libretto. Living in California, I have not had mind blowing pizza. It's probably because water on the East Coast water works better with the yeast in the dough than California water. Weird, right? 

I want lights like these on the ceiling of my room! I think I would constantly walk into them though because the ceiling in my room isn't that high...\

 Yummy margherita goodness! 

After lunch at Pizzeria Libretto, I walked by this food market that had decorated its outside walls with graffiti of vegetables! So cool!!

This super long park looks out to Lake Ontario. You see people rollerskating, riding their bikes, and ...

 ... walking their dogs!

What goes better with a walk in the park on a hot (and humid) summer day than a bomb pop?!

There was a section in the park that had like a circle of trees that people have carved words, pictures, etc into! Looks absolutely wicked!

 Oh Canada!!

My all-time favorite picture from my trip is one that I took while in a car driving through Downtown Toronto. From far away, I saw an old couple standing on the sidewalk. I rushed to pull my camera out to snap a photo of them and managed to. It is not the best quality picture I've taken, but it is nonetheless my favorite because of the tender moment it captures.

It was a great trip, and I can't wait to go back!

Lisa xx

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