Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Playlist: RVRB - Lost in the Wild

If you've ever watched The Glee Project, a reality television show which serves as an audition for the hit show Glee, then you might have heard of the name Cameron Mitchell. I refer to him as the Robert Pattinson look-alike with a John Mayer type of voice. He was known for doing covers on YouTube of such musicians as Bon Iver, The Beatles, and, of course, John Mayer. 

After an eight month hiatus, he's back with a completely different genre than what he was noted for. Entering into the electronic style, he and his friend, Jake Morrison, form the duo called RVRB. No, I do not know what RVRB stands for. All I know is that their new song, "Lost in the Wild", is amazing! Mitchell's soulful voice is just the cherry on top of this track and adds a different dimension to it. 

Check out the song for yourself! I predict a very bright and successful future for this new duo.

Lisa xx 

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